Complaints stack up against private clinic

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Police to investigate several malpractice claims against a plastic surgery clinic in The Hague.

The Hague – At least 80 complaints of malpractice have been filed with police against a private cosmetic surgery clinic in The Hague.

The cases will be investigated to establish whether the clinic, CityKliniek, should face charges of grievous bodily harm.

Police will interview those who have lodged complaints before deciding whether to bring charges, said a police spokeswoman.

The health care inspectorate shut down the clinic more than a week ago after it received information that the facility had breached hygiene regulations.

Reports indicated that the clinic’s operating room was next door to a toilet, medical material such as implants were used despite damage to the packaging, and there were no facilities for sterilising equipment.

Patients have also reported severe wound infections, wrongly inserted breast implants, and inadequate aftercare.

The clinic’s surgeon, gynaecologist Rock Goerdin, was said to lack adequate knowledge of the relevant hygiene regulations, ANP reported. The clinic had no protocols in place to deal with bacteria such as MRSA or Legionella.

Goerdin has been provisionally barred from practising in the Netherlands. He has also been barred on similar grounds in Belgium, where he also practised.

He has also practised in the United Kingdom.

Goerdin was trained in the Netherlands, and has described himself as an expert in breast surgery and the pioneer of 'aesthetic genital surgery.' He has previously specialised in reparatory surgery on victims of female genital mutilation.

He billed the CityKliniek as a “people’s clinic” offering easily available cosmetic surgery to the wider public.

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