Colombia to help with Dutch drug prevention

9th December 2008, Comments 1 comment

Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos visits The Hague to discuss drug production and prevention.

AMSTERDAM - During a visit to The Hague, Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos said his country wants to co-operate with the Netherlands on drug prevention programmes, including helping the Dutch authorities develop public information campaigns.

Mr Santos was presenting information at The Hague City Hall on the effect of cocaine production on the rain forests.

The vice president said some two million hectares of woodland were cleared in the past 25 years to make room for cocaine production.

This is an area about half the size of the Netherlands.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Robert posted:

    on 9th December 2008, 18:07:31 - Reply

    That's a hoot, looking to Colombia for antidrug assistance. The Colombian government is awash in civil rights abuses and the Netherlands looks to them for help? To the Colombian government, try legalizing and regulating so you won't have the environmental problems you say you are having. The drug war is a FRAUD!!!!!