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2 December 2005, AMSTERDAM — A news collective health insurance policy was unveiled on Friday for self-employed business people and freelancers.

2 December 2005

AMSTERDAM — A news collective health insurance policy was unveiled on Friday for self-employed business people and freelancers.

The Platform for Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (PZO) agreed the policy with health insurance companies VGZ/Trias, Agis and Fortis ASR. They are using the facility in the new health insurance law to provide group coverage at a discount price.

Many self-employed people without staff (known as ZZpers - zelfstandig zonder personeel - in the Netherlands), particularly those with high earnings, will have to pay a lot more for health insurance from January.

The current two tier, public-private healthcare system is replaced in January 2006 by a universal basic package. The coverage in this package is similar to the cover provided under the current public ziekenfonds system. People can also take out additional coverage.

Under the new system, ZZPers have to pay an income-dependant premium on top of the fixed premium. Business association MKB sounded the alarm about the increased cost for freelancers back in August.

Now PZO hopes the collective policy will limit the financial burden for freelancers as much as possible.

ZZPers in the Netherlands are in a range of professionals, including substitute managers, to filmmakers, home carers, translators, freelance journalists and lorry drivers.

Via PZO a self-employed business person can make a basic healthcare policy without an own-risk clause for an annual premium of EUR 917. A policy under which the person is re-reimbursed for healthcare costs will have an annual premium starting at EUR 942.

Freelancers and the self-employed can like everyone else take out supplementary healthcare coverage.

Click here for information in Dutch about the PZO's policy.

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