Coffee and sex can trigger stroke

6th May 2011, Comments 0 comments

Drinking coffee, having sex and blowing one’s nose can trigger strokes in patients with dilated blood vessels. Dutch neurologist Monique Vlak has drawn up an inventory of risk factors which can lead to strokes based on research she conducted among a group of 250 patients.

All risk factors investigated by the researcher at the University Medical Centre in Utrecht cause a sudden, brief spike in blood pressure. Strokes nearly always occur in patients with dilated and weakened blood vessels. However, Only a limited number of patients actually suffer a ruptured blood vessel.

An indisputable, direct link between a rupture and risk factors such as coffee, sex or blowing ones nose is very hard to prove, according to Monique Vlak. She says that delivering such proof would require more research. Her study emphatically did not focus on underlying causes such as high blood pressure, which leads to weakened blood vessels.



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