Clown’s Face in Your Passport

25th January 2007, Comments 0 comments

The passport photo requirements turned out to be quite loose after all.

25 January 2007

AMSTERDAM — A 35-year-old man from Hellevoetsluis got an ID last week where he is photographed wearing clown’s make-up, NOS reports. On the picture he has several layers of thick white powder, black eye-liner and a hat on. The inspiration came from the Joker character in the Batman films.

Stricter regulations on ID photographs were introduced in August last year. It became forbidden to cover one’s head and the subject became required to stand straight facing the camera. Exceptions were reserved for the handicapped as well as for the people who can only be photographed otherwise because of their religious or life’s principles.

The man from Hellevoetsluis simply said that he had to be photographed as Joker due to his strong principles. He received permission from the municipality, as it was in accordance with the new legislation. Yesterday he also managed to apply for a driving license using the same photograph. With his actions, he wanted to draw more attention to the fact that the new regulations are not safe enough.

Meanwhile, the hat and the make-up make it more difficult to perform the facial scan that is later saved on a special chip on the ID card.

State Secretary Atzo Nicolaï does not respond to the report. In his opinion, the legislation has not been violated.

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