Church arson worries Dutch Labour party

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The Labour party in the Netherlands has called for an action plan "for the government to firmly defend freedom of religion on all fronts".

MPs of the social-democrat party expressed their concern after two churches run by Christian Moluccans and a mosque in the city of Groningen were set on fire.

In questions put to Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin the Labour MPs are urging priority for solving these cases, given "the destabilising effect that these attacks have on society". The party is also asking how the Moluccan communities and mosque administrators will be helped to protect their buildings around the clock.

Simultaneous In the early hours of Monday morning part of a Moluccan Christian Church in the northern town of Hoogeveen was destroyed by fire, while at the same time a Moluccan church community centre in the town of Nijverdal was burnt down. The remains of the building had to be torn down by the fire brigade to prevent it from accidentally collapsing.

In the same night, police in Assen, north of Hoogeveen, received a call about a person attempting to set fire to a local Moluccan centre. It is not known who is behind the apparently co-ordinated arson attempts.

Moroccans vs. Moluccans Around New Year's Eve riots broke out in the central town of Culemborg, where Moroccan and Moluccan youths attacked each other. On Tuesday one young Moroccan was jailed for one year for an attempt to kill members of a Moluccan family by knocking them down with his car on 1 January.


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