China restricts internet access for Olympic period

30th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

Beijing says certain sites such as those linked to the outlawed Falun Gong will be blocked but assures reporters of sufficient access to the internet.

30 July 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The head of the International Olympic Committee's press commission, Kevin Gosper, says he plans to discuss limitations on internet access with the Chinese authorities.

Journalists say a recent statement by Beijing that unspecified sites would be blocked contradicts earlier promises that reporters would have complete access to the internet.

The spokesperson for the Chinese organising committee, Sun Weide, says reporters will have "sufficient access" to the internet.

Among the sites which are blocked are those linked to the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement.

A few days ago, Amnesty International issued a critical report on China. The organisation said that, instead of fulfilling its promise to improve human rights in the run-up to this year's Olympics, Beijing has been using the games as a pretext to crack down on dissidents.

Greenpeace also has criticised China for not doing enough to reduce air pollution in Beijing. The Olympic Games begin on 8 August.

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