Children's playground activities are not noise pollution

24th September 2009, Comments 1 comment

A new law states that residents can no longer complain about the noise produce by children playing legitimately outside their schools or daycare centres.

The Hague – The noise made by children in playgrounds will no longer be classifiable as noise pollution as of 1 January 2010, announces Dutch Environment Minister Jaqueline Cramer.

Residents living near schools will no longer be able to file complaints about the noise level of children who are playing legitimately outside schools or daycare centres.

"Children should be able to shout and yell when they are playing outside," the minister told the lower house in 2008. Cramer was calling for new and less restraining noise pollution rules after judges slapped playground bans on eight schools in several cities after residents living near the schools complained about the noise levels. 

Earlier this year, the sound of playing children led to a number of incidents; irritated neighbours pelted noisy children outside a daycare centre with eggs and garbage while another grabbed a megaphone and scolded the children from his balcony. 

Conflicts over noise are particularly in urban areas where playgrounds are often located next to residential areas. The increasing number of schools in recent years have also attributed to more residents complaining about the noise levels. 

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  • Thomas posted:

    on 15th July 2010, 19:54:00 - Reply

    Let me tell you something. I live on the 16th floor in an apartment that I thought I would be quiet. I am going stark raving mad by all the noise kids make. Yes, I understand kids need to have the opportunity to have fun and play, but all the screaming and yelling is taking anyway ANY FORM of serenity. I should have known that there were problems when the last owner of my apartment jumped off the balcony. People in apartments need and deserve peace and quiet like anyone else. i am sure the minister who made this rule lives in a quiet and exclusive neighbourhood. I have a highly stressful job and I can only sleep with prescribed sleeping pills. I am stuck here for 10 years. I could really cry I think.