Chekhov times three

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June 17 -22, TUSK international Theatre Company presents three intriguing one-act plays by Anton Chekhov: The proposal, The harmful effects of tobacco, The bear.

The playersApart from his major dramatic pieces, Chekhov wrote a handful of one-act plays. Critics have come up with the name Tragifarces for these little gems –a hybrid version of a tragedy and a farce gives you exactly what ‘it says on the tin’: You get the serious note of a deep emotional feeling, and the laugh about that same sentiment. Of course you can trust Anton Chekhov to treat the subject with the necessary respect, resulting in a satirical comedy mixed with psychological drama.

In these short plays, Chekhov’s attention is mainly focussed on his characters and the way they communicate with each other. Or rather, don’t communicate as it seems that although everyone is talking but nobody is really listening. The characters come on stage to talk about their own lives and misery but because none of the problems or frustrations that the characters pose is ever solved, a peculiar atmosphere of talking at rather than with each other develops into one of true comedy.

In 'The proposal' we meet two youngsters who might just get married if only the nervous suitor could get to the point of actually proposing. Trivial matters take over (as they so often do) and not even the father of the bride-to-be can put matters straight – he actually makes everything worse.

The lecture we seem to be getting in 'On the harmful effects of tobacco' is not as straightforward as you might expect. The timing of this one-act is spot on, with the 1st of July looming over the heads of many a smoker, but it’s not really smoking that the Lecturer wants you to pay attention to.

'The bear' is one of Chekhov’s most famous one-act where we are witness to the bizarre situation of a debt-collector bursting in on a widow’s quiet household, demanding money, insulting her and all womanhood, and then progressing by declaring his love to her. What is a woman to do!

With: Ellis van Maarseveen David Krügel, Rupert Farley, Nicole Moerland and Carlo Smeets

June 17, 18, 19,20, 21 at 20.15

June 21, 22 (Matinee) at 14.00
Venue: Paradijs, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Korte Voorhout 3 The Hague /

Cost: 17,50 / 7,50 (< 26yr)
Reservations: T 0900 345 6789 (10ctpm) / Uitburo T 0900 8282999 (40ctpm)

This performance is part of The Hague Festivals .

Petya's Story - a world premiere by the White Mahogany Company - is the other English Language Theatre production playing during this festival.

Venue: Branoul Theater, Maliestraat 12, Den Haag.
Cost: 17,50 / 7,50 (< 26yr)
Combination-tickets for both plays are available at a discount


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