“Chaos on rails from Sunday”

5th December 2007, Comments 0 comments

No one seems pleased with the new timetable to be introduced by the NS on Sunday.

5 December 2007

AMSTERDAM – It will be chaos on the railways from next Sunday, the AD writes. The Dutch Railways’ new timetable comes into effect on that day, and it will cause much inconvenience for travellers, the AD claims.

Hundreds of trains have been scrapped from morning and evening schedules, and some trains will run every other day rather than every day. “Our timetable just has too many footnotes,” the NS complains. The reason behind the problem is that much maintenance needs to be done on the tracks, and there has to be “leeway” for that.

The NOS reports that commuters’ association Rover has called the new timetable “crazy.” The management of the NS’s customer service organisation NS Reizigers is not happy with the new plans either. Various agencies do not like the fact that trains do not have a fixed departure time from week to week in some cases.

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