Chamber wants more leave for parents and education

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Extended leave proposals for education and self-employed as well as parental leave.

25 October 2006
THE HAGUE - A majority of the Second Chamber Parliament from parties CDA and PvdA wants to extend the right to parental leave. Also the government must support employees financially if they take leave for education. During the treatment of the budget for Social Affairs on Wednesday it appeared that the PvdA supports the proposals of the CDA.

CDA-parliamentary member Gerda Verburg wants to give each parent the right to 4.5 months unpaid full-time leave, as soon as they take part in the so called ‘levensloopregeling’ (life course regulation). Parents are now entitled to three months leave to look after a child. By making use of the full-time leave parents receive 636 Euro per month from the government by means of a discount from the Tax Authority Administration.

Employees must also receive the right to take an education leave of 4.5 months, under the same conditions. According to Verburg that will provide more possibilities for example for additional schooling or for re-schooling for people searching for another job.

But the two largest parties in the chamber are it in disagreement concerning how unemployed persons can be helped to participate. Thus Bussemaker pleaded to reward employers with bonuses and exempting remuneration payments during sickness or if they employ older unemployed persons. WAO'ers who (partly) has been approved as fit to work and who can not find work, must be able get a subsidised job.

Moreover by extending the period available for leave, the CDA wants to make the life course regulation for saving and using leave days, which was introduced this year, more attractive. PvDA-parliamentary member Jet Bussenmaker was pleased to propose that Verburg also wants to make a ‘levensloopregeling’ for the self employed.

On that Verburg of the PvdA criticised, “Pushing people into a corner and pasting a label on them’’ which makes the position of vulnerable persons more difficult.

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