Casa Rosso

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An experience at Casa Rosso might not leave you hot and heavy but, according to Melissa Morra, you'll never look at a banana the same way again.


I have one week left in Amsterdam and a list of things to do before I return home to the Great White North. One of those things: A live sex show. And Casa Rosso is the place to go.

From the moment we walked in, the employees were courteous and everything well organised. The main theatre was full so we were told to go up to the balcony bar until seats became available.

After 20 minutes at the bar peeking down into the theatre with a bunch of drunken Brits, the host came up to escort us to our seats.

Aside from the erotic lighting and stage props, the movie-theatre style seating made us feel like we were at a Broadway show.

The waiters even come around for drink orders. My only complaint is that there wasn't a lot of legroom. My guess is that they don't want people to be too comfortable as you can stay as long as you like. With a high turnover at NLG 50 per person (Pay NLG 75 and you also get four drinks) this place must make a killing.

Women don't worry; it's not as uncomfortable as a stroll through the Red Light District. In fact, I'm convinced that the only reason there are not a lot of women walking in the Red Light is because they are all in Casa Rosso catching the live show.

Although some may find the first few scenes somewhat arousing you too will become numb to it all. But the actual sex acts are not the reason to go anyway — it's the performances and audience participation that keep things interesting.

The sex acts themselves lack imagination and are rather dull. The batman suit on one male performer was probably introduced to add a little spice but, despite the mask, I could still see the boredom in his eyes. After doing the same thing six times a day, every day, can you really blame them for their lack of enthusiasm?

However, if you are with a fun group the experience can be nothing short of hysterical. What could be funnier than seeing one of your friends on stage being lead around on a dog leash and whipped by a dominatrix? You can take my word for it, absolutely nothing!

Over all, the show, which consists of three or four individual performers and three or four sex couples, is done in decent taste and it is great for comedy if nothing else. Do keep in mind that it is only advised for open-minded individuals and for heaven's sake leave the cameras and camcorders in the bedroom at home.

What: Casa Rosso
Where: Acheterburgwal 106-108 (right across from "the statue"), Amsterdam
When: You can catch live shows every night, which repeat every hour, until 3am.
How much: NLG 50 per person. NLG 75 includes admission and four drinks.
For more information: For group reservations and more information call 020 627 8954.

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