Car insurance fraud on the rise in Netherlands

14th July 2009, Comments 0 comments

About 80 percent of people claiming compensation for damage to imported cars are lying.

The Netherlands – More and more people are committing car insurance fraud by claiming compensation for damage to their imported cars which have already been damaged prior to their arrival in the Netherlands, reports ANP news agency.

According to head f the Insurance Bureau for Vehicle Crime (VbV), Harry Fillon, investigation carried out by his bureau shows that 80 percent of those who claimed damages to imported cars are committing fraud.

In some cases, the insurance swindlers stand to rake in tens of thousands of euros.

Their method involves importing cars that are ready for the scrap heap, which means that Dutch private-car purchase tax is calculated on the vehicle's market value. A subsequent - fraudulent - claim, in which the claimant says the car has been damaged in the Netherlands will result in the insurer paying out much more on the basis of the car's 'undamaged' market value.

Fillon said the people involved in this form of crime are the same as those who used to steal cars, but who can now "generate the same returns, perhaps even more, without any great risk" through this method.

Fillon hopes to have access to the data collated by the Dutch customs authorities so his team will be better able to combat this type of fraud.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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