"Cabinet has ruined own reputation"

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Faction leader for the ChristenUnie lashes out at cabinet in Volkskrant interview.

20 December 2007

THE HAGUE – The derailed discussion on dismissal legislation signals a collective failure on the part of the cabinet ministers. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende and deputy prime ministers Wouter Bos (PvdA) and Andre Rouvoet (ChristenUnie) evaded their responsibility, allowing the impasse to drag on for too long. As a result the impression was fostered that the "cabinet is useless and does nothing but bicker amongst themselves."

ChristenUnie faction leader Arie Slob has lashed out fiercely at the cabinet in an interview with the Volkskrant. The vision that the government has on society has become "snowed under", along with "all the good things we've achieved," Slob said. "This cabinet is in serious danger of losing sight of its goals and remaining bogged down in unsolvable issues."

The deadlock on a simpler and cheaper dismissal procedure – proposed by CDA Social Affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner – has put relations in the cabinet on edge over the past months, with primarily the PvdA (opponent to the proposal) and CDA (supporter) pitted against each other. A cabinet crisis was just barely avoided. As a "solution" Donner's proposal has been temporarily set aside and a commission will spend six months investigating alternative possibilities for creating jobs.

Slob laments the fact that none of the ministers – including ChristenUnie ministers Rouvoet or Van Middelkoop – was able to resolve the matter before it escalated. "It no longer had to do with the substance of the proposal. It became trench warfare."

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