Cabinet considering new Sudan mission

29th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

The cabinet is looking into a possible Dutch contribution to the new UN Mission Unmiss to south Sudan, which became an independent country on 9 July.

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal sent a letter to parliament on Friday about the end of the contribution to the old UN mission Unmis.

The old UN mission, which supervised the implementation of the 2005 peace accord between North and South Sudan is being wound down and will be terminated at the end of August.

The first cabinet meeting after the summer recess is scheduled to be held in mid August. Mr Rosenthal said in May he felt it was important the United Nations should maintain a presence in South Sudan even after it became independent.

The Netherlands’ involvement in the old UN mission Unmis started in April 2006. At present the Dutch mission includes 12 military observers, 15 police trainers and a number of staff officers.

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