CNN: wrong type of news?

CNN: wrong type of news?

17th April 2010, Comments 4 comments

CNN has fallen from grace. Prime time ratings have collapsed, and even superstar Larry King has to make do with half his former audience, in spite of his great guests and snappy questions.

According to senior foreign affairs correspondent Bernard Hammelburg the problem lies with the type of news that is CNN’s trade mark: general unbiased news no longer holds the viewer’s attention.

The proof: Larry King’s counterpart at the right-wing TV station Fox News, Sean Hannity, gets four times as many viewers with his endless ranting against Obama, the Democrats and anything he sees as ‘leftist’.
Even the editors of the world-famous ‘BBC Newshour’ now grumble that it would be cheaper to simply send the few remaining viewers a DVD. Bernard Hammelburg can see what lies ahead: in a few years time there will be no place for ‘real news’ on television.


Westerbeek van Eerten
Radio Netherlands

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  • Geoff Morris posted:

    on 19th April 2010, 10:33:42 - Reply

    Errr... is it just me or is everyone missing the point? There's this new thing called internet that I've heard about. Apparently you can find all sorts of interesting things there, including news about any subject you're interested in. Some people think it could become popular...
  • Chancho Panza posted:

    on 19th April 2010, 07:43:33 - Reply


    Or it may be that they enlessly run a small number of overdramatized stories in a mindlessly repetitive and predictable loop. It is boring, uninformative and constantly begging for your shock.

    Fox is utter garbage too, but at least it is occasionally entertaining. Thus is the only logical conclusion of news-for-profit television channels.

  • L Weiner posted:

    on 17th April 2010, 13:52:32 - Reply

    This piece is absurdly biased in itself--is this what passes for objective news at It reads more like an advertisement for the second rate station!

    I have my own theories as to why CNN (and the rest of the mass news media) have lost their following--and it has to do with the observation that they all, in unison, push a tired old Leftist, albeit Politically Correct, agenda. The author only serves to drive home the point.

    The reader has no choice but conclude it's simply 'not fair' CNN and (superstar) Larry King's ratings have fallen--despite his 'great guests and snappy questions'. Give me a break! For the record, in my opinion I find him to be a complete geriatric bore.

    Fox is only as much of a right-wing station as much as CNN is a left- wing one. While I wouldn't deny either claim, someone writing news stories should be more careful about mixing their own personal beliefs under the guise of news. At least Fox offers another view than the herd- mentality, cookie cutter approach used on most other mass media news networks. Pity that (an)other view is not even available in the Netherlands--that speaks volumes.