CDA very satisfied with CPB calculations

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More jobs and economic growth calculated in analysis of CDA election programme.

26 October 2006

THE HAGUE – The CDA is very satisfied concerning the results of the calculations of its own election programme by the Central Plan Bureau (Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis). That was said by CDA-Minister Joop Wijn (Economic Affairs) on Thursday after the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis had commented upon his research.

According to Wijn the figures prove those CDA-plans to ensure a firm budget (1.1 percent surplus in 2011), 50.000 more jobs in the market sector and more purchasing power (1 per cent).

Wijn indicated that from CPB-investigation it become clear that the PvdA, "would twist the neck of the economy". According to the CDA member Wijn the party is shoving ahead the rising costs incurring with demographic ageing. Moreover PvdA plans for further fiscal interference with the AOW old age benefits and restrictions for mortgage interest deductions will have a negative impact on purchasing power.

"The PvdA is rushing forward with the inheritance of Balkenende with this," said Wijn.

According to the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis the programme of the VVD peps up the economic growth more than that of the CDA. Wijn said about this that with the liberals, "the benefit claimants will pay for that."

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