British travellers want full compensation from KLM

14th August 2010, Comments 2 comments


British media says hundreds of British air travellers who were stranded by the eruption of an Icelandic volcano in April this year are demanding full compensation from Dutch airline company KLM for expenses they incurred. This was reported by the on Saturday.

According to European guidelines, stranded passengers must be compensated in full for any extra expenses they incur in such circumstances. But KLM has announced that it will only repay one day’s expenses. The announcement prompted many British travellers to complain to the European Commission, which is threatening to begin legal action against KLM.

The passengers have opened a special page on the social networking site Facebook.

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  • felicity posted:

    on 19th August 2010, 22:05:38 - Reply

    I agreed totally with u Wolfhoundcop..well said:-))

    Thanks to KLM n Lufthansa for initiating to fly again while the British counterparts wasnt cooperating at all..they took d same initiative aftr the these both airlines made a daring risky decision..Thumbs up to both! Check the news..even the Schipol airpt provided lotsa assistance n did wotever they cud to cheer every passenger who got stranded..

    My gfren n fam were on hols in MILAN and since they took travel insurance, and got stranded during, they were fortunate being insured tho not all but so @least they did enjoyed the extra days. Fyi they r non English speaking living in NL but at least they are aware wot to do..Not so ignorant as some peep! Strange n funny d English are not aware of travel insurance..or juz 1st time travellers or juz being frugal??

    I dun blame them for taking KLM coz BA always going on strike..LOL!even the recent strike i heard they will impose again..Their own cty is a mess! Cant imagine 2012 Olympic how they will manage..:-p

    Come on u Brits! its natural disaster..dun u peep read?? no1 can blame the aviation industry when such natural event occured..stop pinpointing n putting the blame on others..
  • Wolfhoundcop posted:

    on 18th August 2010, 18:18:14 - Reply

    Hellooo this is a NATURAL disaster and beyound contro, of KLM. Maybe you Brits think that they did this on purpose. Take it to court, and I'll be amazed if you win. They (KLM) offered one day expenses, I think that's a good gesture. You folks should have taken travel insurence out. |If you did'nt being "thrifty"that's your problem. Stop blaming others because you didn't take proper precautions and take insurence out. In short, get withy the real world. You pay, you get, you don't opay and take the risk, it's on you. Sounds harsh but a reality.