Bringing a little bit of Broadway to the Netherlands

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A Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) registered company, Little Broadway has been going strong for two years to high praise.

Perhaps you've found yourself backstage in front of a dressing room mirror, complete with costume and make-up, excitement bubbling in your stomach as the orchestra warms up and your fellow actors rush about as they prepare to take the stage.

Or you've sat in a full auditorium staring at the closed curtain, waiting in anticipation for that moment when they will part to reveal a magical world brought to life right before your eyes.

Odds are you've at least vividly imagined yourself in one of these situations and were easily able to conjure up the thrill you might experience.

Given the glitz and glamour that accompany it, you may be surprised to discover the wealth of benefits that participation in the performing arts has to offer.

Studies have proven time and time again that performing arts education encourages creativity, builds self-confidence, improves concentration, promotes problem-solving skills, develops trust and self-discipline, enhances memory and social-awareness, and provides an emotional outlet.

Business professionals, parents, teachers and children can learn countless invaluable skills through performing arts education that can be applied to just about anything they choose to do.

Little Broadway is here to offer all of these benefits and more as it strives to "bring a little bit of Broadway to the Netherlands."

Through role-play, audition workshops, improvisation, theater games, ice-breakers, song, dance, vocal and public speaking exercises, Little Broadway uses the magic of theater to create a welcoming atmosphere filled with fun and educational value.

Use what you learn to improve your interview skills, become a better public speaker, improve your concentration, overcome shyness, think better on your feet, become a team-player, feel more comfortable with yourself and others, and get a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.

A Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) registered company, Little Broadway has been going strong for two years to high praise. Little Broadway has been featured in Expat Women, The Telegraph (UK), and Expatica (NL).

Participants have described Little Broadway as a "fun and safe environment for personal development," a breeding ground for "amazing accomplishments," and plain and simple "good fun!"

Classes are available to businesses, international organizations and clubs, Toastmasters groups, schools and churches, scouting and community groups. All Little Broadway classes are currently being taught by former DC-area actress Tiffany Jansen, and, at this time, classes are only offered in English. No previous theatrical experience is required.

For more information on Little Broadway, visit To find out how to get Little Broadway to your school, business, group, or organization, email Tiffany at

Take center stage with Little Broadway and let the star quality within you come out and take a bow!

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