Bird-friendly lighting tested offshore

24th August 2007, Comments 0 comments

Bird-friendly lighting tested offshore

24 August 2007

THE HAGUE (AFP) - Dutch Petrol company NAM is testing new lighting by electronics giant Philips to improve safety for migratory birds who can get disoriented by brightly-lit offshore platforms, the companies said Friday.

They said the new green-hued lighting on the platform is "less distracting to birds during their migration across the North Sea".

Some 60 million birds cross the North Sea on their way to warmer climates.
Under certain weather conditions the animals can get attracted by the bright lights of the offshore platforms. The birds fly around the platform aimlessly or land and stay there for a long time, often becoming too weak to reach the coast.

NAM platform L15, in the Dutch part of the North Sea off the northern part of the country, is "the first platform in the world to be equipped with the new type of lighting".

Almost all the floodlights, some 380 lamps, have been replaced with the green coloured lights during the trial period. According to Philips birds are particularly attracted by red tones in the light and much less by blue or green tones.

Already the workers on the platforms have seen "far fewer disoriented birds", according to a press release. The first scientific results of the test will be known after the main bird migration season this autumn.

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