Belgian train strike to hit European services

4th November 2009, Comments 3 comments

A Belgian rail strike will halt all services for a day on the high-speed Thalys train network between Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, as well as Eurostar links to London, train operators said Tuesday.

Paris -- All Thalys services are cancelled on Thursday as a result of the industrial action, Thalys International said.

Meanwhile Eurostar announced that "due to industrial action in Belgium, Eurostar will be unable to operate any services between the UK and Brussels on Thursday."

As a result, trains leaving from London normally bound for Brussels will get no further than Lille, France. The London-Paris Eurostar route will operate a "near normal service" according to the company.

The 24-hour strike action was to start hitting services from Wednesday evening in Europe.

Normal working should resume on Friday though it may take some time to get usual timetables operating.

All Thalys and Eurostar tickets for affected trains can be exchanged or refunded, both train companies said.

Belgian signallers and station staff will walk out on Wednesday night in protest against a restructuring plan for the freight division of Belgian national railway operator SNCB.

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  • Gosf posted:

    on 4th November 2009, 15:53:36 - Reply

    This is a stupid law. Politicians have been making the same mistakes economically for nearly 100 years and don't seem to learn the lessons. This will hurt the peole they are trying to protect, as well as inure consumers and manufacturers in Belgium. Economics in One Lesson Henry Hazzlitt - everyone should read it.
  • Juan Narino posted:

    on 4th November 2009, 13:52:04 - Reply

    Not only SNCB stations are a mess, trains are always late, but now also they dare to strike. Privatization is the answer to nasty unions.
  • Jim Steele posted:

    on 4th November 2009, 12:47:41 - Reply

    Rail, air, road transportation services must be considered essential and as a result be illegal. Arbitration is the solution for their grievances, if any.