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Beacon Global teams up with International Almere

30th May 2016, Comments 0 comments

A solid foundation for expats in the Almere region. [Contributed by Beacon Global Advisers]

Amsterdam: Beacon Global Advisers, a division of Beacon Global Group, and based in the Netherlands, is dedicated and committed to help US expatriates all over the globe continue to achieve financial success — regardless of where they reside. 

Being expats ourselves, we know the challenges managing one’s finances whilst living abroad. We offer comprehensive customized strategies to all of one’s global financial needs and provide financial education and US FATCA regulation guidance to US citizens, living in the Netherlands, as well as in other European countries. 

Recently, Beacon Global Advisers set up a collaboration with International Almere, resulting in our first joint event on 25 May. 

CEO Randy Landsman explained International Almere members about the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) legislation, the act that can cause U.S. taxpayers owning bank accounts outside the United States, major headaches including banking lock outs, withholding fees and potential penalties.

This financial education seminar walked the attendees through the law’s key provisions, the various IRS reporting forms, how to properly and efficiently implement FATCA with their accountants, and much more. 

Stephanie Ernst, responsible for International Almere’s marketing: “Like International Almere, Beacon Global Advisers’ focus is on helping people who are away from home. Whilst our end results may differ, our focus is the same — making sure that people have a solid foundation to start and continue their expat journey. After last week’s event, we are even more happy to have joined hands with Beacon Global Advisers and we’re looking forward to our collaboration!” 

International AlmereAbout International Almere

International Almere grew out of a group of friends meeting for drinks on a Friday night, and quickly became much more to the international community in Almere. They became a 'vereniging' in 2010, and have been committed to helping Internationals and Locals create and build connections in the community. With over 500 members and many more social media followers, their focus has stayed on helping people build a solid foundation in the Almere and Flevoland community. 

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Contributed by Beacon Global Advisers 
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