Barring foreigners from coffeeshops costs millions

2nd November 2011, Comments 4 comments

The ban on selling cannabis to foreigners is reportedly costing the Maastricht economy 30 million euros a year.

Regional newspaper De Limburger reports that the reduction in turnover equals a loss of 345 full-time jobs. The paper’s report is based on research commissioned by the Association of Licensed Maastricht Coffeeshops VOCM.

Since 1 October the city’s coffeeshops have only been allowed to serve Dutch, Belgian and German customers.

The measure is intended to reduce traffic near the coffeeshops and the number of foreign customers hanging around outside. However, VOCM Chair Marc Josemans says these problems have only increased as a result of the measure.

Maastricht Mayor Onno Hoes said he needed more time to give a reaction to the report.


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© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

3 Comments To This Article

  • fortuner posted:

    on 2nd November 2011, 13:28:26 - Reply

    I'm not sure how they can be allowed to do this, doesn't it come under the discrimination rights, only being allowed to serve certain citizens of countries?
  • Darrel Vinson posted:

    on 2nd November 2011, 12:58:28 - Reply

    30 million in Maastricht alone. Another 30 million here in Terneuzen when they shut down the Checkpoint and like in Maastricht, several hundred jobs. Makes a lot of sense in these hard times, doesn't it? I only hope the government is paying attention. How much willl be stripped from the Dutch economy when they make it nation-wide. And how many jobs will be lost (as if we can afford to lose jobs!)
  • Bjorn posted:

    on 2nd November 2011, 11:01:49 - Reply

    Of course these measure will only increase the problems. It will mean that drugs will be sold illegal in the street instead. Everybody understand that except the politicians it seems..
    I do NOT support the use of drugs. But as there will always be people wanting it, it is better to have it under control in Coffee shops.