BBC World no longer in UPC analogue package

9th July 2008, Comments 2 comments

The media company says the decision to take out the BBC channel is being advised by Programmaraad of Amsterdam.

9 July 2008

AMSTERDAM - BBC World News has been taken out of the analogue package offered by UPC in Amsterdam to make room for new channels.

Senior Press Officer, Ronald Sutmuller, said that the company decided to take out the news channel after being advised by the Programmaraad of Amsterdam

The Programmaraad of Amsterdam is an independent body that advises the media company on eight channels while the Dutch government decides on seven channels. Together, Programmaraad of Amsterdam and the government decide on 15 of 30 channels offered in the standard UPC package.

The Programmaraad of Amsterdam, which aims to make sure that UPC offers a wide variety of interesting channels, has advised UPC to take up ARTE in its offer.

ARTE is a European culture channel that focuses on culture and the arts.

Sutmuller said UPC wants to offer an attractive possible package to as many people as possible, and since consumer surveys show a need for a channel like Animal Planet, the company decided among other channels to leave out BBC World News.

“We chose to leave out BBC World News as we already have two popular foreign news channels in Amsterdam: CNN and Euronews. Both channels are more popular than BBC World News,” explained Sutmuller.

The decision taken by UPC, however, has not gone well with internationals living in Amsterdam. Expatcenter – an organisation for expats living Amsterdam or Amstelveen – has since received some complaints.

Director of the Expatcenter, Pauline Genee, said: “A city such as Amsterdam, which is striving to be a hospitable home for internationals, expats and knowledge migrants, cannot do without the BBC World.”’

The UPC spokesman said BBC World News is available in UPC’s digital package in Amsterdam.

In Rotterdam, the BBC channel is still available in the analogue package and in Alkmaar, BBC World News has been added to the analogue package.


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2 Comments To This Article

  • marc posted:

    on 10th July 2008, 09:27:29 - Reply

    They also removed TV5 monde, the french international TV,
    and probably the Spanish one...

    I hope that ARTE will be an international version... and not only in german.

    Who knows...
    we may get all the Flemish TVs soon...
    Dutch are so afraid since a couple of years...
  • George posted:

    on 9th July 2008, 15:51:30 - Reply

    EuroNews is very good. Unfortunately, UPC only offers it during the day; evenings it is replaced with the all evening/night Dutch program Het Gesprek. I suppose, if you don't work, you can watch EuroNews during the day. If there is no BBC World News, the least UPC could do is have EuroNews available 24 hours a day.