Asylum minister to review Angolan boy's case

27th September 2011, Comments 0 comments

Asylum and Immigration Minister Gerd Leers is to take another look into the case of Angolan Mauro Manuel. Last week, the minister said he could not issue the former underage asylum seeker a residence permit. However after speaking to MPs, he promised to review the case.

Mauro Manuel came by himself to the Netherlands eight years ago at the age of 10 to request asylum. Unaccompanied underage asylum seekers AMAs are allowed to remain in the Netherlands until they reach the age of 18. According to the Interior Ministry website, not all so-called AMAs are sent back when they reach 18. If they have been in the country for three years and they have no-one to take them in in their own country, they are allowed to remain in the Netherlands.

Minister Leers insists that up to now the idea has been to send Mauro Manuel back to Angola, but MPs think his future lies in the Netherlands. Even the minister’s own party CDA thinks the former underage asylum seeker can stay. In the case of Afghan girl Sahar, it was only the opposition parties that thought she should be granted permission to stay in the Netherlands on the grounds that she had become too westernised to adapt to life in Afghanistan. Eventually she was granted permission to stay.

Minister Leers says he will look into the possibilities open to him. He will also take the effect of the decision on other cases into consideration.

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