Astro TV taken off the screen

2nd September 2008, Comments 0 comments

The astrological phone-in service has been taken off RTL’s screens after it was found to be duping their callers.

2 September 2008

THE NETHERLANDS -- Astro TV, an astrological phone-in service has being taken off the screens following a report of a consumer magazine reporter who was employed easily despite having no spiritual experience, reports De Volkskrant.

Broadcaster RTL has cancelled live broadcasts of Astro TV in which people can call and be given astrological advice and spiritual consultation after it has emerged that the company was duping their callers.

The reporter had posed as a medium called Ramona and was employed to on the company's website, charging EUR 0.80 a minute for consultations without having any "spiritual experience".

Ramona went on to talk to other mediums behind the scenes and found out that they were sometimes told "just to make stuff up" and that the service was "a big con operation".

The consumer magazine reporter also showed contracts stating that callers were supposed to be kept on the line for at least 20 minutes.

Broadcaster RTL tells De Telegraaf that it is shocked by the findings.

The Socialist Party has also issued a report condemning the phenomenon as a "phone-in quiz in an astrological disguise ... exploiting people's illness, misery and insecurities". The party is calling on the Health Inspectorate to put a stop to such practices.

[Radio Netherlands / David Doherty / Expatica]

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