Amsterdam once again free of anti gay-marriage registrars

1st September 2011, Comments 0 comments

Amsterdam is once again free of marriage registrars with moral objections to same-sex marriages. A riot ensued when the news broke a few months ago that the Amsterdam council had two civil servants on its payroll who refused to marry same-sex couples.

One of the two has been re-assigned to other duties at city hall. The other has been banned from performing marriages until her contract expires at the end of October. A spokesperson for the Nieuw-West district, where the two worked as marriage registrars, on Thursday confirmed a report published by LGBT rights organisation COC.

Since 2007, Amsterdam has only appointed marriage registrars who have no moral objections against marrying gay and lesbian couples. One of the two was hired prior to 2007. The other stated she had no objection to performing same-sex marriages when she applied for the job last year.

Gay and lesbian couples have been able to get married in the Netherlands since 1 April 2001. Since then about 15,000 gay and lesbian couples have tied the knot.

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