Amsterdam gets a 'sustainable' guidebook

Amsterdam gets a 'sustainable' guidebook

22nd November 2009, Comments 0 comments

Europe's first 'sustainable' guidebook was published on 11 November - and its subject is the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

This book—the first in a series entitled 'Good & Green'—is to be followed by more guides to other cities here in the Netherlands as well as others covering major locations elsewhere in the world.
The Amsterdam Good & Green guidebook lets its readers see how they can enjoy the city to the very utmost whilst also caring for the environment and for people both near and far.

The book lists hotels, vegetarian restaurants, gardens, means of transport, Fairtrade shops, organic markets and supermarkets, all of which are CO2 neutral or environmentally-friendly in other respects too.
In addition to a number of eco-friendly names and brands which one might expect to find in this book, including The Body Shop and Ben & Jerry's ice cream parlours, The Good & Green Guide also contains a number of surprises. After all, when it comes to sustainability one might not necessarily think this would apply to the Swedish clothing chain, H&M.

However, according to the book's author, Harold Verhagen, H&M does have an organic range of clothing.

It's a sustainable line on which, however, the Scandinavian company appears not to want to focus too much attention.

Harold Verhagen believes the reason for this could be that H&M are a little worried that if journalists get hold of the story they might go digging to find out about H&M products which don't live up to this lofty designation.

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Lan Zhang
Radio Netherlands


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