Amsterdam court backs ban on tram driver’s crucifix

14th December 2009, Comments 0 comments

An Amsterdam court orders a tram driver to abide its employer’s code of conduct and not wear a crucifix around his neck.

Amsterdam – An Amsterdam court has ruled the Dutch capital’s public transport service is within its rights to ban an employee from wearing a crucifix around his neck.

The case was brought before the court after a tram driver said his employer forbids him from wearing a necklace bearing a Christian cross outside his uniform.

The driver, who has been suspended several times for wearing the necklace, claims he been subjected to unequal treatment.

The driver added while he was not allowed to wear his necklace, there was no ban on Islamic women employees wearing headscarves.

The court ordered the man to abide by Amsterdam public transport service’s code of conduct which states that employees are not allowed to wear necklaces of any kind, with or without religious symbols. Employees are allowed to express their religion visibly in other appropriate ways, such as by wearing a bracelet or ring.

The court concluded that the rules were reasonable and there was no question of any religious discrimination.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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