Amsterdam asbestos blast residents not allowed home

28th July 2010, Comments 0 comments


Residents of flats near the site of Sunday’s gas explosion in the Dutch capital Amsterdam are not being allowed back to their homes the third day after the blast.

The council evacuated 32 homes the day after the explosion in a nearby flat because asbestos had been blown out of the fabric of the building. The council says most of the homes have been inspected and found to be free of asbestos.

The substance has, however, been isolated on the street and on the balconies of the surrounding blocks of flats. The council first wants to clean up the area to be absolutely certain that none of the asbestos, which can cause cancer, ends up in people’s homes.

On Tuesday evening, a council spokesman refused to rule out that asbestos might be found in one of the homes not yet fully inspected. In that case, the clean-up operation may have to move inside the buildings. It is hoped that people will be told on Wednesday when they can expect to be allowed home.



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