Amsterdam airport cameras useful

28th March 2011, Comments 0 comments

The police say the 1350 security cameras which have been operating in and around Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport for the last year have proved their usefulness.

The military police who are responsible for law and order at the Netherlands’ main airport say they have so far used footage from the cameras 600 times in the course of investigating crime at Schiphol.

The cameras are in place around the airport plaza, check-in areas, arrivals, departures and at the gates. Footage can help solve major crime such as people smuggling and drugs trafficking and petty crime, including baggage theft. It can also be useful in checking for instance where asylum seekers came from.

More planned The police say there is not much crime at Schiphol but that security cameras can help keep it to a minimum. The camera footage is monitored 24 hours a day and is kept for 28 days before being destroyed. Eventually, it is planned to use a total of 3,500 cameras to monitor the whole of Schiphol airport.

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