Amsterdam aims for climate neutral houses by 2015

12th June 2008, Comments 0 comments

The capital sets its own deadline, citing the national target date of 2020 for all construction in the Netherlands to be climate-neutral as too late.

12 June 2008

The city of Amsterdam has announced that it will start building climate neutral houses in 2009.

The new buildings will use various techniques, including solar panels, to provide residents with all their energy needs and protect the environment. Construction work must also be built to last, to avoid harmful building materials polluting the environment.

The national target date for all construction in the Netherlands to be climate neutral is set at 2020.

Two Amsterdam councillors are demanding that the government speeds up the construction of climate-neutral buildings, reports Trouw. The city wants all new buildings to be climate neutral by 2015.

A spokesman explains the council's reasoning: "Our present sources of energy will be exhausted in 20 years. And energy costs are increasing rapidly. Many people in Amsterdam want to do something."

Amsterdam says that in future, the environmental impact of a building will be an important factor in determining which developer is awarded a contract by the city.

The city council has acknowledged that climate neutral construction methods are more expensive than traditional methods but says the additional costs will be earned back within seven years through lower energy bills.

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