Amsterdam abuse case 64 victims

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Amsterdam City Council says it’s likely that 64 children were victims in the case of abuse at crèches in the capital that hit the news early in December. Up to now, 53 children were thought to have been abused.

The latest victim count comes after statements made by Robert Mikelsons, the child day-care worker at the centre of the case. Justice authorities are looking for evidence to support his explanation of events which may not be wholly truthful. In one case such corroborative evidence has been found. The case began with investigations into child pornography in the United States and led to the arrest of Mr Mikelsons in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam council has been holding public meetings about the case and says the parents of all the children involved in the abuse have been informed.

Crèche director Meanwhile, Albert Drent is in the news again. Last week, he agreed to step down as director of the Hofnarretje court jester, one of the crèches where Mr Mikelsons worked. There had been reports of ‘leaving parties’ for 4-year-olds which were held at Mr Drent’s house and where parents were not allowed. It has now surfaced that Mr Drent worked at another child day-care centre in the Netherlands in the 1990s but was dismissed for unacceptable behaviour after eight months.

The management of the centre will not give details about what happened but says a complaint was made to the local public health department GGD and that Mr Drent was reported to the police.


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