Amsterdam Airlines' maiden flight

Amsterdam Airlines' maiden flight

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The Netherlands has a brand new airline.

Amsterdam Airlines leases its plane and flight personnel to companies. The maiden flight was to Italy on Tuesday afternoon (19 August). At present the airline has a single aircraft, an Airbus 320. For the next few months it will fly for an Italian company and make trips to destinations in the Mediterranean region.
Amsterdam Airlines' flight code is AAN. Its livery includes a red tailpiece and engines. At present, 43 people work for the company. The plan is to add another 30 employees for every additional plane in the fleet.

Amsterdam Airlines staff

The new venture leases planes, crews and maintenance personnel to companies experiencing temporary shortages. Supply and demand fluctuates strongly in the aviation sector.

First flight

The pilots and cabin crews are employed by Amsterdam Airlines, other services will be purchased ad hoc. Amsterdam Airlines provides whatever service is requested, says director Matthijs Boertien. If onboard meals are required, the airline will ensure they are provided.
Fuel prices

Mr Boertien says there is a great deal of interest in his new venture. With the current high price of fuel, airlines are reluctant to deploy older planes which use a relatively large amount of fuel. They prefer to use more efficient aircraft. In spring next year, he plans to expand the operation with two more planes.


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