Ajax management crisis deepens

27th October 2011, Comments 1 comment

The management crisis at Ajax Football Club has deepened amid a row between the club’s commissioners and chief advisor Johan Cruyff.

A letter leaked to the Dutch public television station NOS yesterday revealed that the football legend had frustrated efforts to appoint former player Marco van Basten as the club’s new techical director. 

In the letter, four Ajax commissioners accuse Cruyff of making so many additional demands that Van Basten decided against taking the position. The commissioners blame Cruyff for prolonging the current power vacuum in the ArenA and causing chaos at the club's famed youth training programme at  'The Future' facility.

In one of the demands, Cruyff insisted on setting up an advisory board to assist Van Basten in his new position. However, one of the members of the board was Cruyff’s favourite candidate for chief executive, Tscheu la Ling. Another is believed to be a Telegraaf journalist.

The news comes a year after Cruyff initiated what he calls a “velvet” revolution at Ajax. His strong criticism of the club’s ‘non-footballing’ management led to director general Rik van den Boog and other members of the top management leaving earlier this year.

As a result of the power vacuum, the situation at the club has only got worse. A new committee has been set up to resolve the differences between Cruyff and the four commissioners. But so far, neither of the two parties looks ready to back down.

Meanwhile Ajax coach Frank de Boer is trying to concentrate on his team. In spite of the row, he still backs Cruyff: “He is an icon for the club. We have turned a corner with him. I think we should continue.”

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    Cruyff to big for his boots? Noone actually gives a crap.