Air travel safety measure ‘failed’

3rd August 2009, Comments 0 comments

Government commission finds mandatory air safety reports 'so flawed' they have not led to any meaningful conclusions.

Amsterdam – A leaked report by a Dutch government commission has found that a new air travel safety measure aimed has failed.

The measure, introduced last year, made it mandatory for pilots, air traffic controllers and other technical staff to report all safety incidents to a national agency. Some 10,000 reports were submitted last year but led to not a single meaningful analysis.
A commission advising the transport ministry has found that the agency's data processing is so flawed that no conclusions can be drawn from the reports. The commission's report also points out that the system's poor performance discourages pilots from reporting cases.

In addition, many pilots are said to be loath to come forward because of the increased risk of being prosecuted. The commission therefore advises the ministry to shift its emphasis away from prosecution.

The Association of Dutch Commercial Pilots backs the commission's conclusions.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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