About 150,000 people to go on welfare in 2010

22nd October 2009, Comments 0 comments

As many as 150,000 will lose their unemployment benefits and apply for substantially lower welfare benefits.

The Netherlands – About 150,000 unemployed people will lose their unemployment benefits in 2010, predicts a recent labour market study by the UWV.
A few years ago, the maximum period of unemployment benefits was reduced to a minimum of three and a maximum of 38 months, depending on their employment history.

According to de Volkskrant, unemployed people can only apply for substantially lower welfare benefits after they prove they don’t own assets of no more than EUR 5,455.

The 150,000 new claims expected by the UWV would be double the 2008 figure.

UWV, the government body responsible for the implementation of social security legislation, said this means people may be forced to sell their homes or use up their savings before they become eligible for welfare benefits.
A UWV spokesperson said: “These are the really tough consequences of one year’s worth of economic crisis” and added the consequences of limiting unemployment benefits have since become clearly visible.

“In addition, the number of young unemployed workers has increased substantially. Because of their limited employment history, they will have used up their rights to unemployment benefits quickly,” said the UWV spokesperson.

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