A family in serious debt costs Dutch society EUR 100,000: Nibud

17th October 2014, Comments 0 comments

A household in serious debt costs Dutch society EUR 100,000 in unpaid bills, social security benefits, lost working hours, health costs and evictions, says family spending institute Nibud in a new report.

Nibud says over one million Dutch people have serious debts and government and industry could save billions of euros by taking a more pro-active approach to managing the problem.

For example, government policy which will impact on spending patterns should take the potential for debt into account, Nibud says.

Nibud points out that student finance organisation DUO has changed the way students manage their loans.

Rather than being faced with the maximum loan option which students can lower, the online loan form starts at zero and has to be raised.

This, Nibud says, has led to lower debts.


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