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Het Parool, Blind sport for honour crimes

Het Parool

Blind sport for honour crimes

Social work organisations in Amsterdam are not doing enough to prevent family honour crimes and police don't know enough about the phenomenon, Labour PvdA MP Karina Schaapman claims in a report she will publish later this week.

Founder TomTom becomes benefactor

One of the co-founder of navigation firm TomTom, Pieter Geelen, has become a benefactor, donating EUR 100 million of his considerable fortune to the Turing Foundation.

NRC Handelsblad

Bomb threats make mission even more difficult

Roadside bombs are increasingly hindering the mission of Dutch soldiers in the Afghan province of Uruzgan, soldiers in the main Dutch base, near Tarin Kowt, have said.

Riot police evict squatters from the Pannerden fort

Calling in assistance from the army, riot police started evicting squatters from Fort Pannerden this morning. The fort had been used by squatters for years. Riot police entered the fort at about 11am by using two bridges the army placed over the moat, eventually reaching the roof of the fort. Its owner, the state forestry commission, Stadsbosbeheer, wants to turn the fort into a museum.

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