30 Rotterdam hooligans arrested in Alkmaar

29th August 2010, Comments 0 comments


Dutch police arrested 30 Rotterdam football hooligans in the northern city of Alkmaar on Saturday evening. They were arrested for vandalism and assault.

The group of men, aged between 17 and 33, will be taken to court on Monday. A number of them were involved in last year’s beach riot in Hook of Holland, which led to one man being shot dead by police. Rotterdam police are assisting in the case.

The group caused havoc in a cafe in Alkaar, vandalising the furniture and beating up other cafe visitors. Five people were injured in the brawl. Then the group proceeded to vandalise fairground attractions outside and threw bicycles and bar stools around.

Two police officers, who witnessed the incident, called for assistance. The police back-up observed the Rotterdammers until there were enough police officers to make arrests.  

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