2010: colder and sunnier--and just as wet

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This year was colder and sunnier than average, but just as wet, according to the national weather centre.

The average temperature was 9.1ºC, 0.7 lower than the long-term average, the KNMI reports. Similarly, last year we had 1,765 hours of sun as opposed to the normal 1,550 hours. On the other hand, this year's rainfall of 800 millimetres was practically equal to the long-term average of 797 millimetres.

The beginning of the year was cold and saw a lot of snow. The average temperature in January was -0.5, well below the usual 2.8. Spring began mild but May's average temperature of 10.5 degrees made it the coldest month of May since 1991.

Arcen The first half of the summer was warm and sunny. July was particularly hot, with an average temperature of 19.9 degrees as opposed to the long-term average of 17.4 degrees. Two places in the southern province of Limburg recorded temperatures of over 35 on three days. In one of them, the village of Arcen, the weather centre recorded, on 9 July, 36.2 degrees, the highest temperature of the year. August, by contrast, was cool and wet.

With an average 9.9 degrees, autumn, too, was cooler than the usual 10.2 degrees. The first snow arrived in late November, plunging several parts of the country in winter weather. December even was the coldest December in over 40 years. The average temperature was 1.1 degrees compared with the normal 4 degrees. The lowest temperature of the year, -16.9, was recorded in Lelystad.

On average, the sun shone for 1,765 hours. With 1,896 hours of sun, Stavoren, in the northern province of Friesland, was the sunniest place in the country. The sun was least seen in the southeast of the country, where Maastricht only had 1,620 hours of sun.

Rainfall With 906 millimetres of rain, Rotterdam was the wettest place. The driest was Ell, in Limburg, which had 708 millimetres. Last year's winter also saw a lot of snow, with an average 42 days with snow cover compared with the long-term average of 13 days. With 170 millimetres as opposed to the average 62, August was the second wettest harvesting month since 1901. On 26 August, Lievelde, in Gelderland, even recorded 138 millimetres in a single 24-hour period.

This December, too, there was a lot of snow, with just two snow-free days.

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