20 years for Amsterdam crche abuser?

5th April 2012, Comments 0 comments

Prosecutors have demanded a 20 year prison sentence and compulsory mental treatment for Robert Mikelsons who is on trial in Amsterdam for the abuse of 67 very young children in daycare centres in the capital and taking pictures of 31 of them.

In her summing up of the case, prosecution lawyer Maaike Bienfait said,

Earlier today, the prosecution said it believed Mikelsons sexually abused more than the 87 children he has confessed to assaulting.

Maaike Bienfait made the claim in the closing comments of the prosecution’s case against Mikelsons and his partner Richard van Olffen, who is also on trial as accessory to the abuse. She claims that Mikelsons made statements during interrogation sessions suggesting he has abused other children.

According to prosecutor Bienfait, Mikelsons drew an anology between himself and a library, saying investigators had their hands on some of the books but not all of them.

Mikelsons has admitted to systematically abusing children from 2007 until his arrest in December 2010. Justice officials believe other children may well have been abused before this period, but so far no hard evidence has emerged.

Nevertheless, prosecutors want the court to take the suspicions into consideration when handing down its sentence.

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