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De Telegraaf, SP just two seats behind the PvdA

De Telegraaf

SP just two seats behind the PvdA

The Socialist SP of Jan Marijnissen is breathing down the neck of the Labour PvdA of Wouter Bos. The latest poll from Interview NSS shows the SP is just two seats behind the PvdA. The Socialists stand to win 30 seats compared with 32 for the social democrat PvdA.

Bonus for teacher after teenage sex

The management of the Haags Montessori Lyceum has given a teacher a golden handshake send-off with a redundancy payment of EUR 20,000 and large farewell party despite the fact the teacher had sex with a 16-year-old student.

De Volkskrant

Dutch officers tortured Iraqis

Dutch military officers were involved in the torture of dozens of Iraqi prisoners in the southern Iraq province of Al Muthanna, it has been claimed. In November 2003, a cell of the Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) carried out "hard-handed interrogations".

'Telephone lottery fiasco cost State EUR 100m'

A decision by the Justice Ministry banning the telephone lottery game Sevens will cost the State more than EUR 100 million. The European Wireless Lottery Holding (EWLH) — a business owned by Arnhem-based entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn, among others — has demanded the money in a letter to Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. The entrepreneurs want to pay half of their compensation to charity.


Fugitive detainee is dangerous

The fugitive psychiatric detainee Hendrik Muller does in fact appear to be a threat to society. Justice officials initially denied he was a threat, but have now described him as a "pathologically violent person".


CDA: use German amnesty as example

The Christian Democrat CDA should support a general amnesty granting rejected asylum seekers residency now that the German CDU has set up such an arrangement with the SPD for 100,000 rejected asylum seekers in Germany. The message was issued by prominent CDA members such as Doekle Terpstra (the chairman of the council of HBO professional education schools), Bert de Vries (former minister and chairman) and the Maastricht Mayor Gert Leers. They believe the party should finally draw a line through the emotional issue that has plagued the party.

Het Financieele Dagblad

FNV unions raise wage demands

The trade union confederation FNV will increase its 2007 wage rise demand on Monday to 3 percent. FNV unions want to improve the purchasing power of union members.

Nederlands Dagblad

Protestant Church launches TV broadcaster

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) is entering into partnership with public broadcaster NCRV to make programmes for a new television channel. The broadcaster has entered into an agreement with the PKN.

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