1,600 billion insect deaths on Dutch roads each year

10th July 2011, Comments 0 comments

Wageningen University research into insect deaths on Dutch roads appears to be a success and will be continued. The aim of the work is to see what’s happening to insect numbers in the Netherlands.

The scientists launched the project in May, asking motorists to count how many dead insects were left on their front licence plate after car journeys.

The research takes into consideration that insects are not just squashed on number plates but all over the surface of cars. It appears that one insect is killed on average every five kilometres.

The most insect deaths were recorded in the province of Zeeland, and the least in the province of Gelderland. A higher number of deaths was recorded in the evening hours. The researchers say they need more data for proper comparisons of estimated insect numbers.

The first calculations indicate that on average 133 billion insects are killed on Dutch roads each month.

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