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Het Parool, Renter not on waiting list, but in a lottery

Het Parool

Renter not on waiting list, but in a lottery

Three corporations in Amsterdam and the surrounding region are going to offer homes via a lottery in a bid to stimulate the quicker turnover of housing. The one-year experiment will involve 750 homes in the city and 250 in the surrounding region. The project is designed to stimulate renters to more actively look for housing. Currently, they are reluctant to give up their place on the waiting list simply for the first house that comes along.

Slowly from social security to work

Thanks to re-integration programmes from the Amsterdam City Council, an extra 5 percent of city residents on social security found work between 2001 and 2004. The city council allocated EUR 100 million per year to re-integration projects for social security recipients during that period. 

NRC Handelsblad

Not enough money for environment in policies

Nearly all of the nation's political parties are not allocating enough money in their election policies to fulfill their environmental promises. They are also relying too much on market forces, especially in terms of climate, the Environment and Nature Planning Bureau (MNP) said on Monday.

Holland 'again a tax paradise'

Starting from next year, multinational firms in the Netherlands will be taxed at the Western world's lowest rate for interest-based income. Firms will only pay 5 percent from 2007. Currently, income earned from interest is taxed at the company tax rate of 29.6 percent.

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