10 November 2006 - afternoon

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Het Parool, 65pc of rental homes to low-income groups

Het Parool

65pc of rental homes to low-income groups

Housing corporations in Amsterdam will in future give 65 percent of rental homes that become vacant to low-income earners. Some 20 percent or newly available rental homes will go to middle-income earners earning up to the old ziekenfonds level of EUR 30,000.

Politicians agree with school directors

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende does not agree with the ruling from the Equal Treatment Commission that stipulated this week that a Utrecht vocational VMBO school should not have suspended an Islamic teacher for refusing to shake hands with men.

NRC Handelsblad

Election campaign slips through Bos' fingers

The Labour PvdA election campaign is facing difficulties. Party leader Wouter Bos is on the defensive due to a series of incidents. The PvdA is stuck between the conservative parties.

Cabinet wants to adjust EU Constitution

The Cabinet wants to implement several important changes to the EU Constitution, which was rejected by Dutch voters in a referendum last year. The government wants to scrap European symbols such as the word constitution, flag and anthem.

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