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Last update on January 29, 2019

All the stress that comes with moving abroad can affect your health, and there is no more obvious sign of expat stress than a growing waistline. [Contributed by Weight Watchers]

Obesity rates in the Netherlands are among the lowest in Europe, with just under 13 percent of the population ages 15 and older qualifying as obese. But even though expats in the Netherlands are surrounded by a generally active, healthy culture, they may gain weight due to the stress or loneliness that can accompany a move to a new country, uncontrollable health issues or the many other factors that contribute to weight gain.

Thankfully, expats can find support with Weight Watchers in Amsterdam, which offers English-language weight loss support groups — as well as proven results.

English-language weight loss support for expats

Even though Amsterdam — and the Netherlands as a whole — is an international environment in which English is the de facto second language, weight loss groups geared towards non-Dutch-speaking internationals may be hard to find. To help those struggling with their weight find a comfortable, safe space to share their journeys and find support, Weight Watchers in the Netherlands offers English-language weight loss meetings in Amsterdam.

The meetings, which take place every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the Weight Watchers Amsterdam store (location at Overtoom 73), have an international vibe. Besides working on a new, healthy lifestyle, participants can meet new people in a similar situation — and make long-lasting friendships. New members can visit one Weight Watchers meeting in Amsterdam for free to try out the programme.

Extensive, up-to-date knowledge

Weight Watchers was founded in 1964, and has since grown into an international leader among weight loss programmes. The programme does not rely on fad diets but on scientifically proven regimens that allow you to lose weight and keep it off, emphasising a healthy lifestyle that is easily maintained no matter where you are. The SmartPoints system — based on the most recent medical research on nutrition — doesn’t dictate what you eat but instead helps you make more nutritious choices. And despite the name, the programme doesn’t only focus on weight loss through eating habits: it encourages exercise as well as positive thinking.


Weight Watchers

In fact, a recent six-month study that examined the efficacy of Weight Watchers compared to losing weight on your own showed that those who participated in the programme lost up to eight times as much weight as those who did not follow any programme. An earlier study also showed that Weight Watchers participants managed to keep more of the weight off in the long-term.

Tailor an individual weight loss plan

Because everyone’s body is different, each weight loss plan with Weight Watchers is personalised and designed to fit each person’s life and current habits — no foods are considered off limits, making it far easier to adapt to a new way of approaching meals. The revamped Onboarding programme helps new members get started from day one, leaving little room for confusion in getting into the (right) habits.

Members can also choose to join Weight Watchers’ Meeting programme, in which you join weekly meetings led by Weight Watchers coaches and have access to online support; the Online programme gives you some more independence, where you simply use the Weight Watchers app and follow the guidelines.

Get access to the Weight Watchers app

In addition to the weight loss meetings in Amsterdam, Weight Watchers offers extensive online support with the Weight Watchers app. The app contains tons of helpful tools, including a barcode scanner that gives you immediate insight into the nutritional value of products and a database that offers thousands of healthy recipes for any occasion.

The app also allows members to track SmartPoints and connect to activity trackers such as FitBit and Garmin vivosmart, offering a complete look at each user’s weight loss journey. The Connect online support system, included in the app, allows members to chat with others about their Weight Watchers experience, receive encouragement and advice or simply say what they want — best of all, it’s open 24/7.

Gaining undesired weight as a result of anxiety about moving abroad, existing or new health conditions or other factors can add undue stress to expat life, especially if you lack support in your new home. With Weight Watchers in the Netherlands, expats can find a welcoming place to start their weight loss journey.


Contributed by Weight Watchers

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