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ANWB Driving School


Why choose ANWB driving school for getting your driving license?

Learning to drive is a journey with a lot of different skills that take time to master. When you choose an ANWB Driving school for driving lessons, we’ll make sure you don’t get stuck: you’ll get the expert instruction according to your unique driving lessons method, helpful guidance and accurate information you need.

If you’re just starting the journey, it’s good to understand the whole process so you can make smart choices. We have many locations. Sign up for an intake lesson at a location near you and experience driving!

After the intake lesson, you will have a consult to answer all your questions such as how many driving lessons you will need and an indication of the total cost of your driving license. The intake lesson with consult costs € 35,-.

If you decide to book a driving course which consists of at least 15 lessons, we’ll refund the € 35 of the intake lesson. In that case, the intake is completely FREE!

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Tel: +31 70 808 0534

Bynco is the first webshop where it is possible to buy a second-hand car 100% online. In the comfort of your own home. Our website does not refer you to other dealers. We deliver our cars directly from our own stock. We are acknowledged by the RDW and use an independent third-party bank account with GoCredible to make sure your money is safely transferred when you accept the car. Buying a car online is as easy as making a purchase with any other webshop. We have already welcomed many foreign expats with their Dutch car.

  • 14 day trial period
  • 180 day warranty
  • Pay on delivery
  • Delivery within 48 hours
  • Free delivery within The Netherlands
  • No questions asked money back guarantee
  • Personal assistance 24/7



Bynco is the Dutch nr. 1 car-website for anyone that is new in The Netherlands. Ordering a car is as easy as any other webshop. 

All cars that are being offered by Bynco are bought by our own. The collection of cars we offer therefore do not consist of randomly used cars, but of cars specially selected by our experts. This is in contrast to most dealers and garage companies. 

Buying a car online is as easy and safe as with any other known webshop.

  • No language barrier
  • No haggling
  • We take care of official registration at RDW
  • Safe payment 
  • Ordering with foreign driving license possible | View website | View on map

Drivingschool Kennedy Amsterdam


Address: Rijnstraat 90, 1079 HM Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6444302 | View website | View on map

HVO Drive

Address: , Amsterdam

As an established driving school in Amsterdam, the key to our success is to provide an excellent and professional service at highly competitive rates.  All of our driving courses are structured around our learners and their schedule, whether that’s an intensive course, hourly lessons or a refresher course. Our approach at HVO Drive is to be patient, friendly, experienced and that we’re fully qualified at providing the driving lessons. | View website | View on map

Amsterdamse Verkeersopleidingen

Address: , Amsterdam

Amsterdamse VerkeersOpleidingen is the driving school in Amsterdam with very competitive rates for motor and car driving lessons and a very high success rate. On average 85% of our students for the B driving license pass the first driving test in one go (Source: CBR). That is about 40% higher than the average in Amsterdam! For the motorcycle license the success rate is even 96% (Source: CBR). | View website | View on map


DFDS provides efficient shipping and port terminal services, as well as transport and logistics services to over 8000 customers in Europe. More than 6,000,000 passengers enjoy safe overnight and short sea ferry services on our comfortable ships.

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Diazoni Driving School

Address: , Amstelveen

At Diazoni Driving School all driving lessons are private, which means your driving instructor is fully focused on your needs. You won’t need to collect anyone or take anyone home. In fact, we even collect and drop you back home after the lesson.  An experienced instructor, I will help you get your driver's license as quickly as possible. By keeping down the number of lessons, we ensure that the fee is also low. Getting your driver's license is expensive enough as it is!  Diazoni Driving School in Amstelveen doesn't have a waiting list. You can start instantly, so you can take to the road in no time. | View website | View on map

Driving school LIMA

Address: , Amsterdam

Around 70% of our candidate drivers is expat. We have close to 10 years of experience in teaching expats how to drive in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. All of our instructors speak English and understand that it isn't always easy to combine a full-time job with a driving-course. We also understand that sometimes a driving license is needed (very) fast. We are there to help! Contact us for a free introductory lesson. | View website | View on map

Driving School SafeLes Amsterdam

Address: , Amsterdam

Best package deals and low price guarantee at Driving School SaleLes! Our mission is to provide the best quality driving lessons in Amsterdam. Our low price guarantee ensures you get the best price possible for your driving courses. If you find a cheaper package somewhere else, we will match the same price!  SafeLes is a Volkswagen Driver’s License school in Amsterdam, Leiden, Beverwijk, Haarlem and Purmerend. | View website | View on map

Driving School Sila

Address: , Amsterdam

Want to get your driving licence in or around Amsterdam but worried about language issues? We have English speaking driving instructors. Our English speaking driving instructors will help you prepare for your driving examination at the CBR (the official body in charge of road safety in the Netherlands). They will explain everything you need to know to pass both your practical and theoretical tests in Amsterdam. Find out which package would suit you best. | View website | View on map

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