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Easy Nuts


Utility Platform - Connect Online

In the Netherlands, many markets have been liberalised, so every person can choose their provider for services like electricity supply or telephone service. Arrange online all utilities

Arriving in a new country always has a set of challenges. We are happy to set you up for the utilities. Our advisors love to help you.

 Why EasyNuts?

  •  Utilities arranged within 2 days.
  •  Trusted suppliers
  •  Energy, internet, TV, Phone, Water and Insurance
  •  English customer service
  •  Free of charge


  •  Green Energy
  •  Free of Charge
  •  Flexibel contract
  •  High speed internet
  •  Good energy tariff

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Partner Pete


Tel: +31 20 7372124

Getting expats connected to the best utility providers in the Netherlands.

Partner Pete will arrange all connections in your new home within 24 hours, free of charge and with the lowest price guarantee.

Let Partner Pete take care of:

  • Gas & Electric Internet
  • TV & Telephone
  • Car & Property insurance
  • Water
  • Cleaning services

Why Partner Pete?

  • Multi-language connection service for expats.
  • Utilities arranged within 3 days.
  • We are an official dealer of Ziggo TV & Internet.
  • Also the best insurance and cleaning service deals. | View website | View on map

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