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Expat Management Group


Address: Herengracht 168, 1016 BP Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (20) 7070551

The Expat Management Group is a dynamic corporate group of recognized legal experts in the Netherlands. We deliver specialized services in all professional aspects of expat mobility management to the Netherlands. Our group of experts works closely together in the field of immigration, taxation, and relocation, which allows EMG to service clients with comprehensive mobility solutions.

Using their supreme experience in the corporate sector and taking into account rules, regulations and best practices, our top-level professionals at EMG assist our corporate clients in realizing their business and securing full immigration compliance in the Netherlands.

In addition, EMG takes pride in assisting its private clients in all aspects of their (upcoming) residence in the Netherlands and our professionals will confidentially be able to serve them and their family members with any support in all aspects of immigration, taxation, and relocation. | View website | View on map

SAS for Expats (A part of HBK tax advisers)


Address: Hoofdstraat 2, 2351 AJ Leiderdorp

Tel: +31 (0)71 542 27 20

SAS for Expats is a part of HBK tax advisers & accountants and provides expert advice in the area of global mobility tax, expat tax and international social security issues. Whether you are an individual looking for assistance with your tax return, or you represent a company who could use a fresh view on managing tax and social security issues with regard to your expatriate population, SAS for Expats can provide you with tailor-made assistance.

We can apply our particular expertise to provide affordable, practical and tax-efficient support to you in various fields, such as:

  • Preparation of Dutch income tax returns, requests for preliminary Dutch tax refunds, review of and appeal against Dutch income tax assessments

  • Application of the 30%-ruling

  • Assistance with the establishment of your private limited company*

  • Application of A1-statements/Certificates of Coverage

  • Cross-border tax and social security planning

  • Assistance with your emigration tax affairs

  • Reviewing of your expatriate compensation package

  • Tax equalization calculations

*Due to the co-operation with HBK tax advisers & accountants, we can also assist you with the mandatory national tax and accounting affairs after the establishment. | View website | View on map

Taxes for Expats


At TFX we have been preparing taxes for U.S. expats for over 25 years.

While an average tax preparer or CPA may prepare returns for only a handful of clients living abroad, our business is 100% dedicated to them. This focus enables us to provide best in class service at very competitive rates.

We created a simple tax return process that makes filing your US taxes a breeze. Clients simply upload relevant documents to our secure server and we take care of the rest.

We offer the same level of service online that you would receive by visiting our office - without having to leave your home. We make customer service our highest priority - and are always ready to answer your questions.

Living abroad presents enough challenges - filing your U.S. taxes shouldn't be one of them.

TFX received a TrustScore of 9.5 out of 10, based on more that 350 reviews.

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Address: Krijgsman 9, 1186 DM Amstelveen

BDO’s global network extends across 162 countries and territories, with 73,854 people working out of 1,500 offices – and they’re all working towards one goal: to provide our clients with exceptional service. Our firms across the network cooperate closely and comply with consistent operating principles and quality standards. That means local resources who understand your business, your local and international markets and the specifics of your industry: all backed by a truly global network. | View website | View on map

Blue Clue Tax Solutions

Address: Le Carré B, 4de etage Beechavenue 174 , 1119 PS Amsterdam-Schiphol
Park de Wervelaan 13 , 2283 TN The Hague

Blue Clue Tax Solutions advises solutions to international clients, expats, HNWI's and NGO's. We do tax advice, tax litigation and tax compliance and are specialized in tax structuring, mergers & acquisitions, international clients and NGO's. | View website | View on map

Blue Umbrella

Address: Weesperstraat 61 , 1018 VN Amsterdam

All internationals working and receiving an income in the Netherlands must file for Dutch tax return. Blue Umbrella provides a broad range of tax support services for internationals and their businesses. 

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Borrie Expatriate Services

Address: Jan Leentvaarlaan 1 , 3065 DC Rotterdam
Keizer Karelplein 2 , 1185 HL Amsterdam

Borrie Expatriate Services assists employers and their employees when carrying out international assignments. With international assignments both from and to the Netherlands. A compact and highly specialised team offers you a complete package of services that can be tailored seamlessly to meet your wishes. The purpose of our service is to organise every international assignment in such a way that everything runs smoothly for both you and your employee, from start to finish. Borrie Expatriate Services operates from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. | View website | View on map


Address: Herengracht 500, 1017CB Amsterdam

BROADSTREET has been advising professionals, entrepreneurs and expats for over 25 years on the realisation of their personal and financial goals. Initially, under the name FINSENS, but in 2016, the divisions tax, accountancy and payroll were renamed to BROADSTREET.

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Address: Lijndenstraat 24-H, 1018 Amsterdam

Expattaxes (part of GVN International Tax Services) is your gateway to expat tax consultancy and compliance in The Netherlands. We offer various tax services and general expatriate services for (self-employed) expats in The Netherlands and abroad. Our team of experienced international tax lawyers and consultants are dedicated professionals guiding you through the legislative wilderness of taxation and the practical issues of residing and investing in The Netherlands. 

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FVB de Boer Financial

Address: Gang 3 , 2242 KD The Hague
J. Verhulststraat 163hs , 1075 GX Amsterdam

At FVB De Boer we all have our own specialties, but what we all have in common is that we are easy to talk to and have a deep understanding of the hurdles that Expats encounter whilst living abroad. As a personal boutique office we are able to serve all expats with their needs, whether this is a mortgage, investment plan or advice on insurances. | View website | View on map

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